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Direct Seed and Cover Crop Project

John Deer 1590 15 foot No-Till Drill

No-Till Drill Equipment will be available to rent from the districts. This project provides landowners the opportunity to try out No-Till/Minimal Till and Cover Crop procedures at an affordable cost. The purpose of this project is to educate landowners in the use of no-till drill and cover crop farm practices.


Direct Seed Cover Crops Provide:

  • less soil disturbance

  • increase in water and organic matter in the soil

  • decrease erosion

  • control of weeds

  • increase in nutrients in the soil



$15.00 per acre and $75.00 per day.


Lease Inquiries:

The Districts have two drills available for rent. If interested in renting a drill contact us at (208) 572-3375 or (208) 436-4202. Interested landowners can download the Lease Agreement and bring completed forms into the Burley or Rupert Offices. Lessee must provide proof of insurance.


Lessee is responsible for transportation.

Operating Instructions:

There is an old adage that states: "Grow where you are planted - make the most of what you are given, be positive in your adventures of life and always try to bring happiness to others along your way".... Today as I was checking in our Direct Seed drill I saw this and I had to smile... these little 'plants' are trying to fulfill the measure of their purpose in life. Grow where they are planted and try to be the best they can be.

- Sharon Hardy,  

Minidoka SWCD Admin. May 2018 

Print Lease Agreement form  here. 

Drill Lease Agreement 2020.jpg



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