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No-Till Drills

No-Till Drills are available to rent from the districts. These drills provide the opportunity for landowners to try out No-Till/Minimal Till and Cover Crop procedures at an affordable cost.


Direct Seed Cover Crops Provide:

  • less soil disturbance

  • increase in water and organic matter in the soil

  • decrease erosion

  • control of weeds

  • increase in nutrients in the soil


Cost:  $15.00 per acre and $75.00 per day.


Lease Inquiries:

The Districts have two drills available for rent. Contact one of our offices for availability at (208) 572-3375 (Burley) or (208) 436-4202 (Rupert).  Lease Agreement can be downloaded from this page.  Bring completed forms into the Office when you come to pick up the drill. Lessee must provide proof of insurance.

Transportation:  Lessee is responsible for transportation.

Operating Instructions:

Drill Lease Agreement 2020.jpg
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