Seedling tree PLANTING instructions

Below are some articles on successful seedling planting.

We have also included a link with great pictorial instructions to follow as well.

bareroot seedling.jpg

 "Many times the trees get planted too deep and after about 5 years we see a lot of these trees die.  It needs to be known that it is much better for the top root to be at ground level or above.  If it is planted below ground level, often people end up mulching around trees and this root ends up too deep and the water will cause the crown of the tree to rot and then the tree dies.  I see this all the time.  Daylight for the top root is my recommendation."

— Joel H. Packham

University of Idaho Extension Educator, Cassia County

   Windbreaks provide many benefits for both you and the environment including:

  • home energy conservation

  • improved crop yields

  • reduced soil erosion

  • better livestock performance

  • snow drift control and many more!