College Scholarships

The Soil & Water Conservation Districts provide college SCHOLARSHIPS to students majoring in Ag related fields.   Applicants should apply for the scholarship where they reside.   Applicants who have previously been awarded a scholarship will not be considered.  This scholarship is to be used the fall term following receipt of award. 

Minidoka Scholarship title.jpg

Please mail Minidoka Scholarship Applications to our new address:  

85 East Baseline (Minidoka Fair Grounds)

Rupert, ID  83350

East & West Scholarship title.jpg

Please mail Cassia Scholarship Applications to

1361 East 16th Street, Burley, ID  83318  

2022 College Scholarship Winners

2021  Scholarship Winners

East Cassia Scholarship 2021 - Agustina Gularte.jpg

Left:  East Cassia 2021  Scholarship Winner Agustina Gularte w/ East Cassia SWCD Supervisor Hannah Sanders.

Right:  Minidoka 2021  Scholarship Winner Hana Pfeiffer w/ Minidoka SWCD Vice-Chairman Dusty Wilkins.

Minidoka 2021 Hana Pfeiffer.jpg
West Cassia Scholarships 2021 - Melissa Hardy - Ben Geary.jpg

Left:  West Cassia 2021  Scholarship Winners Melissa Hardy and Ben Geary w/ West Cassia SWCD Chairman Richard Kunau.

Right:  Minidoka 2021  Scholarship Winner Mason Wilkins w/ Minidoka SWCD Vice-Chairman Dusty Wilkins.

Minidoka 2021 Mason Wilkins.jpg

2020 Scholarship Winners

Minidoka Scholarship 2020 - Dillon Ball.
Minidoka SWCD 2020 Scholarship Winner Dillon Ball with Brian Kossman (Minidoka Chairman) and LaNae Nalder (Minidoka Treasurer).
Scholarship - Riley Rigby.JPG
East Cassia & West Cassia 2020 Scholarship Winner Riley Rigby with Mark Webb, East Cassia Chairman.

2019 Scholarship Winners


2018 Scholarship Winners

2018  Scholarship Winners:  Jaydon landau  and Colby Wilkins ( Minidoka SWCD), Makayla Taylor  and Luca Delis (East Cassia SWCD),  Brittany Hardy and Jonathan Brumley  (West Cassia SWCD)

2017 Scholarship Awards

2017  Scholarship Winners L to R:  Josie Deaville  (Minidoka) and Kirsti Prewitt, Kortni Wells, and Madeline Garner (West Cassia).

2016 Scholarhsip Awards

From Left to Right:  Jaime Mojarra (West Cassia), Zan Zollinger (East Cassia), Alyssa Walton (Minidoka), Kaci Larsen (West Cassia).

2015 Scholarhsip Awards

From Left to Right:  Saige Bench (West Cassia), Amanda Darrington

(East Cassia), Chrystal Godfrey (East Cassia), Clayton Bedke (West Cassia)