College Scholarships

The Soil & Water Conservation Districts provide college SCHOLARSHIPS to students majoring in Ag related fields.   Applicants should apply for the scholarship where they reside.   Applicants who have previously been awarded a scholarship will not be considered.  This scholarship is to be used the fall term following receipt of award. 


Please mail applications to the office where you are applying.

Addresses are listed in the Scholarship Application links below.

East & West Scholarship title.jpg

Please mail Minidoka Scholarship Applications to our new address:  

85 East Baseline (Minidoka Fair Grounds)

Rupert, ID  83350

2020 Scholarship Winners

Minidoka Scholarship 2020 - Dillon Ball.
Minidoka SWCD 2020 Scholarship Winner Dillon Ball with Brian Kossman (Minidoka Chairman) and LaNae Nalder (Minidoka Treasurer).

2019 Scholarship Winners

2017 Scholarship Awards

2017  Scholarship Winners L to R:  Josie Deaville  (Minidoka) and Kirsti Prewitt, Kortni Wells, and Madeline Garner (West Cassia).

2015 Scholarhsip Awards

From Left to Right:  Saige Bench (West Cassia), Amanda Darrington

(East Cassia), Chrystal Godfrey (East Cassia), Clayton Bedke (West Cassia)

East Cassia & West Cassia 2020 Scholarship Winner Riley Rigby with Mark Webb, East Cassia Chairman.

2018 Scholarship Winners

2018  Scholarship Winners:  Jaydon landau  and Colby Wilkins ( Minidoka SWCD), Makayla Taylor  and Luca Delis (East Cassia SWCD),  Brittany Hardy and Jonathan Brumley  (West Cassia SWCD)

2016 Scholarhsip Awards

From Left to Right:  Jaime Mojarra (West Cassia), Zan Zollinger (East Cassia), Alyssa Walton (Minidoka), Kaci Larsen (West Cassia).