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2018 Seedling tree sale

Seedling options  2018 tree sale

Descriptions for all seedlings are included in the order form that is located on the Tree Sale main page. 

Thank-you for a very successful seedling sale!

If you purchased trees please visit the Seedling Planting page to read some helpful tips for planting your new seedlings. 

Below are options that we had available for the 2018 Seedling Tree Sale (now closed). We usually try to order similar varieties each year. Most years the tree sale is open for ordering in February. If you have any questions feel free to contact the East & West Cassia SWCD Disitricts. 

See you next year for another seedling sale! 

Common Purple Lilac

Norway Poplar

Lombardy Poplar

Russian Almond

Colorado Spruce

Rocky Mountain Juniper

Black Hills Spruce

Cranberry Bush

Smooth Sumac

Blue Artic Willow

Redosier Dogwood

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